Tuesday, September 22, 2009

96. Leonard Part 6 (Part One).

(The irony of the last sentence of this review is still ringing in my ears. My temporal poverty has now reached the (web) link in the chain known as my NETFLIX account. Shit. I basically just received an email stating that there was something wrong with my recent payment.. maybe the fact that there wasn't one!? Damn. I had half an hour to go also! I will continue this review at some point. Luckily, I had already ordered and received the next movie in the list, and have it on my desk right in front of me. So maybe I will move onto that then hopefully one day I can finally finish Leonard Part 6 (Part Two). It's almost worth it for the chance to write that name alone!)

I won't lie.
Its been a tough week, literally zero cents to my name, and my toilet overflowing at least 4 times. But you know, I'm an independent man, and I need to step up to my responsibilities. Mainly, what I mean by this obviously. Is that I need to go to NETFLIX streaming and watch number 96 on this list. Which is..

"Leonard Part 6" 1987 U.S.A

Tagline : "America's Best Dressed Superspy!"

Leonard Part 6. A movie that before it's release Bill Cosby publicly disowned and advised people not to go and see whilst appearing on several talk shows. Stating that he was only finishing the movie because he was contractually obliged.. Despite him having written and produced it. He subsequently then bought the television rights, just so he could know for sure that it would never be shown on T.V.
Apparently also several arguments were had on set and after filming between Cosby (who at the time was at the top of his comedic game) and the then new kid Director Paul Weiland.
Weiland would later go on to become a leading Director in the 'Mr Bean' television series.

Obviously, the movie has become infamous as being one of the worst of all time. Winning 3 "razzies" upon release which Cosby actually accepted in person! What a guy!

Some popular culture quips via. Wikipedia.

* The Roots wrote a song entitled "Leonard I-V", the eighth track on their debut album, entitled Organix. The lyrics of the chorus include a repetition of the phrase "Where did Leonard Parts One to Five go?"

* The movie was mentioned in an episode of Family Guy. When an "animated" Cosby hypnotizes Stewie, Stewie responds "And I like pudding. And Ghost Dad was the best movie I've seen since Leonard Part 6."

* In an episode of Animaniacs, Leonard Part 6 is one of a few movies which (in VHS video format) are dropped as exploding "bombs".

Obviously anything 'Animaniacs' choose to reference is completely fine with me!

Plot : First of all, that title (which I think is pretty funny actually) is based on the idea that Leonard Parker (played by Bill Cosby) is a former CIA agent, who has already had five films based on his adventures and.. well. Actually. I think that's it. Trailer!!

Trailer :

Analysis : For the record. I'm currently listening to 'The White Album', newly released and remastered in Mono on speaker stereos pretty loud, it's also a lovely sunny day outside in Brooklyn. Just setting the scene.. for where my life is..and what for some reason I would rather do to myself.. which is start watching this movie. I do love Bill Cosby though, how bad could this be?

My phone has been disconnected. Due to money issues, so the only way I can get in touch with people, and vice versa. Is through email.. as long as I'm at home, and see I have an email.. what i'm getting at is.. we'll see how far I get..

Wow, really not what I was expecting from the title sequence. The frog/toad ate the '6' by the way.

So this is the opening shot.

It then shows that in the car is in fact, Bill Cosby..then suddenly it cuts to this.

Bill Cosby doing Ballet.

Then this.. Bill Cosby riding an ostrich. Only 2 minutes and 50 seconds into this film, and I kind of like it!!
Ooh nice, Now, a snooty english man cleaning wine glasses has informed us (the viewers) that there's a valid reason as to why all these things happened, in the space of a week. We will now see why...

A piraña was just let loose in this high end couple's pool.. although, to be fair, the fish did stop at one point to look at a playboy (seriously).. anyway.. let's all vote as to where this fish might 'bite' this guy?

Well, you're correct, It also ate him.
Turns out he was a CIA agent, and a lot of them are being eaten. What man could possibly come back to the force, and withstand and put an end to such evil.

Man, this movie's pretty good!
I mean a gun fight in a restaurant kitchen where every thing they hit conveniently leads towards aiding whichever chef is nearby is pretty genius. Maybe I need to wait a little longer before the true awfulness of the movie rings out. I mean, it was written by Cosby so can't be all bad. I think the arguments were that it got edited and cut practically to pieces. leaving it's running time to around 80 minutes!

This scene is genius!! I'm going to look for it on youtube,
Although one thing i've noticed.. there's a lot of 'Coca Cola' endorsement throughout this whole movie.
Ok found the scene.

Yes? no? whatever... I liked it!

I'm awful at this..
We are now 24 hours since I last sat down to watch this movie, I got sidetracked, my sister lent me some pocket money, which i then insisted on spending on pita bread, chorizo and sangria?
I planned on finishing this when I got home. But alas, it didn't work.. i was not feeling great.
I'm back now though.. anyway.

I feel like this might be another one of those situations. Like how when I watched Troll 2 I really didn't feel it was that bad. You know, it's obviously awful. But I was entertained at least. I wonder, if Bill Cosby hadn't publicly shown his disdain for this movie upon release. Would people really have found the idea of cats attacking a couple and covering them in furballs and stealing their CIA files along with a separate attack involving squirrels made by a medusa like vegan woman of whom can control the minds of all animals? Then Cosby retorting that 'You don't need me, you need the RSPCA... why don't you just blow her up?"

Am I the only person that thinks this is good? Maybe.

Man, i'm even kind of digging the English narrator.

'Daddy... meet my new boyfriend!'

That's a great gag. No? Hmm.

I've run out of granola. Which I'm now thinking was the wrong choice of food, in regards to my still blocked toilet. Which i've been talking about for the last few movies.

Weirdly now, this movie has turned into as episode of the Cosby show for 10 minutes. Complete with yet more Coke endorsements.

Medusa is truly keeping it real in this outfit, and her henchmen are actually 'hench'. I don't think this is a gag, merely an observation I've just made.

Uhoh, killer toads!

Toads, truly give me the creeps. Every time I walk through Chinatown and see them in a bucket with people grabbing them with their hands (with their hands) I feel like dying.
That said. This is one of the most artfully crafted scenes involving killer toads i've most likely ever (will) seen (see).

That was not where I saw this going!

Wow. Suddenly the title sequence actually makes sense.
This movie is amazing!
Full of great ideas. I wonder what the originally intended cut would have been like that.

Maybe it's a good thing it was cut short.

(To Be Continued When I Can Afford It....)


  1. ouf... looks great...the best one so far....it's going to be hard to find here in mexico.. argh

  2. Another fantastic review/observational piece of writing Mr Hynes. I kind of feel bad your toilet keeps blocking up and you have no money, so I hope all that gets sorted pretty soon.

    Thanks for these though, they really keep me entertained and I hope to watch them all someday (I seem to have a hard time getting my hands on a copy).

  3. Put some adds on the blog, so we can help you finance this awesome project!

  4. Killer toads similtaniously jumping in order to dump a car in to a giant puddle... do movie deaths get any better than that. classic.

    keep up the good work dev.

  5. I Love the kitchen shoot out scene it's kind of like a extreme "Mary poppins" Wht on earth was this film rated as 1 of the worst? From what I see it's got it all! Killer toads, Bill Cosby doing ballet and riding a ostrich, Perverted Pirhanas need I say more?... Man they don't make 'em like they used to.

  6. You're not the only one who liked Leonard 6. When I was a kid I loved this movie and watched it over and over. It's really ridiculous and zany but if you're not taking it seriously (and... who could ever possibly take this movie seriously?) it's not bad at all. Deliciously campy and absurd... probably too much for most people.