Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Journey Begins.

I watch alot of movies, I don't discriminate either I might add.
It annoys some people. To me a movie is a movie. There's enjoyment in every aspect of it, regardless of whether or not it's a total shitfest, the fact that (usually) soo much effort has gone into the movie for me, makes it all worth while, and a whole lot more interesting. I'm going a long way around this. Anyhow, bored one night, and wanting some outsider input into my netflix que, i decided to see what was up (literally) in imdb. Instantly disgusted I decided to see what was down. That's when I first saw it.

Yes my friends, You see correctly. The current bottom one hundred movies as voted by members on IMDB.
The idea hit me before I even had time to take screen grabs, I would watch all one hundred of these movies, and chronicle every single one on a blog. I've never had a blogspot before, this was a good chance, I wanted to have "" but it was taken.. (nothing's on it!!!) but I kinda like this one too!
So, to kick this list off (i'm going from 100 down to 1) we have the lost "carrot top" classic.. "Chairman Of The Board".. I at least hope this is not a Freudian title.
Anyway.. the journey will begin soon enough! Please stay with me, I don't know how many real life friends i'll have by the end of it...(ellipse ellipse...)


  1. What a good idea! I wish i would have thought of something like this... might do it myself at some point in the future though. Looking forward to seeing what you think of them all.

    Woah, never heard of The Tong Blair Witch Project! haha, sounds good to me.

    Good luck Dev!

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  3. ahaha, this should be funny;

    I can't how 'Cheerleader Ninjas' could possibly be bad...

  4. This is a crazy, crazy idea...
    I'm so angry that I didn't think of it!

    Good luck, dude. I'm a fan of some real shitty movies but these movies seem to take the shit cake. I'll definitely be following this project.

  5. You mad mad fool. Fair play. Looking forward to seeing you go through the list. Have you seen many already?