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Distracted Blog Post : "WTF!?!?"

Erm.. will probably be my favourite movie ever.

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Distracted Blog Post : Electric Sheep Magazine

Check out this article with the awesome cinema website and magazine Electric Sheep Magazine . Wherein I discuss ten of my favorite movies.

Note : That this is not my ten favourite movies, just ten swirling around my head at the time!


Click Here To Read Article.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Distracted Blog Post : "It's Just Blue Fish People!"

Guys, i've been a failure. I actually worked up around three more full reviews, which I need to post. But got totally sidetracked. If i'm honest I just think it was the delayed shock of watching "Chairman Of The Board" the Carrot Top movie as the first of this blog...
From now on though, i'm going to do non "worst movie" blog posts titled "Distracted Blog Post" where i'll just talk aimlessly about movies.

Did you see AVATAR?
I should have done a review of that movie using my iphone for (illegal) "screengrabs". I think if i did that it'd be the equivalent and more than make up for the entire top 100!??!

Having said that... you can't beat classic bits of dialogue such as :

"Pandora will shit you out dead with zero warning!"
"You're stupid, ignorant as a child"

..and watching Uhura from Star Trek hiss like a cat is always pretty enjoyable, all this amongst some mutli-million dollar racist blue porn... actually, maybe it is a good movie! But Cameron will NEVER top "Piranha 2"

I'm currently watching Jaws 2 on t.v right now.
I think i'm going to download it and re-edit the whole thing, this shit. is. insane. When was the last time you saw that anamatronic shark rip through larynx challenged 70's teens whilst Roy Scheider furrows his brow...
Anyhow, aside from that business it's actually quite a boring film, until the last half hour of what I like to call "the best fake cry-scream acting of the 70's." I won't go on about the ending, we all know it's completely glorious and most likely upsetting for the $30,000,000 dollar team that had to spend every day of their working lives constructing this mechanic shark for the movie, missing their kids recitals most likely, developing poor food habits, wife leaving them for being too involved with their work.. it saddens me that Jeannot Szwarz's vision all along was to just destroy it. Actually, it makes me happy.. that and the fact that he then directed "Supergirl" and several episodes of "Smallville"...

My favourite moment in this movie involves the guy at the top of this post, yelling out "It's Just Bluefish!!!!!!!" whilst Roy Scheider loses his shit in Martha's Vineyard. I loved it soo much, I thought i'd look on google to see if anyone else thought this moment was completely awesome...
I was about ready to make a youtube clip when turns out, someone did a year ago! It only has 83 views, and it seems to be the online thing on the internet referencing this great moment in cinema.

Man, i think i'll do a new edit of that at some point...

Have you ever seen the bollywood "Jaws"?
Well, here's the ending...

Luckily for everyone (me) "The Making Of Avatar" is on now t.v right now straight after "Jaws 2".
Surprisingly, they cut this scene from the movie final edit of the movie... i guess they ran out of money..